Sunday, May 17, 2015

Vegeterian Casserole with potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes

Springtime... Everywhere one can find the first fresh fruits, vegetables.... Your jogging shoes are looking at you and saying "when will be used again?"
And of course beneath the willingness to make more sport you decide also to eat more vegetables, more healthy,.... This Vegetable-Potatoe Casserole is easy to made, can be varied in many ways, is also adaptable for vegan (you've simply to omit the cheese) and is so tasty!
You need (per Person):
- 1 big potatoe cut in medium thick slices (don not peel the potatoes)
- 1 small zucchini cut in slices 
- 1 onion cut in rings
- 1 - 2 Tomatoes cut in not to thin slices 
- 1 garlic glove, roughly cut in cubes 
- Some fresh thyme 
- 3 - 4 bay leaves 
- 30 g Feta cheese 
- 50 ml vegetable stock
- salt and pepper as well as some olive oil
- if you want some sesam seeds or black onion seeds 

To prepare:
1. Wash the vegetables and cut them in slices, prepare the garlic and the onion
2. Preheat the oven to 200 C
3. Grease with some olive oil a baking dish
4. Put the vegetables and the bay leaves in rows in the baking dish, season with some salt and pepper, pour the vegetable stock over the vegetables, sparkle some seeds all over and to finish drizzle all over some olive oil and some fresh thyme

5. Bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven, then add the feta cheese and bake for further 10 minutes.

6. After 40 minutes control with a fork if the potatoes are ready or if you have to add some minutes more baking time ( depending on the thickness of the potatoe slices you have to adjust the baking time ; could be a little bit shorter or a little bit longer)

ATTENTION: right out of the oven th dish is very hot! Serve with some baguette (fresh or roasted) and for those who need some meat... this veggies are perfect with some grilled steak or whatever you like !

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crunchy Choc-Hazelnut Spread

I am not so the sweet one in the morning... Means that I am not one of those who only love Croissant and Jam for their breakfast..... I rather prefer some Porridge or some Bread with butter. But on the other Hand I love Sweets and so as "sweetlover" You also love Nutella, this chocolate-hazelnuts spread one can buy in the supermarket... In fact I don't know how it taste on a bread but I know how delicious it is savouring directly out of the glass.. spoon after spoon... So of course I was more than  curious when I found a Recipe in the new Cookbook " vegan to go" from Attila Hildmann for a Self done chocolate - hazelnuts spread. And so I instantly tried it, modified it a little bit... And OMG the Result is tremendous.... Here is the recipe.

You need:
90 g dark chocolate (I used one from Sarotti)
70 g icing Sugar
200g Butter (When vegan  use vegan butter) at roomtemperature
200g Hazelnut puree (to find in Bio Markets for ex.)
1 tsp. ground vanilla Bean 
40 g whole hazelnuts, roasted in the oven at 180 C until the skin is easily removable (there is no problem if there is some skin leaving....) and then you put  them in a plastic bag and crush them with a Rolling pin.

To prepare:
1. Melt the chocolate directly in a pan at medium heat by stirring from time to time, or in the microwave or in a Bowl over some simmering water
2. Stir together Hazelnut puree, butter, vanilla and sugar unter well combined (I used a  handheld electric Mixer). Than add the melted chocolate and stir once again until evenly combined.
3. Fold in the crushed hazelnuts and fill the Cream in Glaspots
4. Reserve the spread in the fridge but get it out some minutes before eating when you want it to be easy to spread. When you savour it with a spoon... It's fine directly out of the fridge ☺️

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ricotta - blueberries - Raspberries- strudel

Strudels are a speciality of my home-country. Mainly we fill Strudels with a mix of some fruits cut in pieces and seasoned with sugar and spices. These Ricotta - Strudel reminds me a little bit the so called "Topfenstrudel". This is a Strudel filled with some special fresh cheese = Topfen. In the following recipe I used ricotta, so you become a "Italian style Strudel" ;). Th recipe is very easy but the result is tremendous delicious....!!
You need ( for one Strudel ):
 2 Strudel leafs ( if you can't find them you also may use Yufka leafs, you can find them in "Turkish" stores)
250 g ricotta
30 g sugar + 3 tbsp. sugar 
2 Tbsp. fine breadcrumbs
3 tsp. Corn- or potatoe - starch
1 white from a big egg 
120 g blueberries and raspberries
60 g wheat flour
Some melted butter

To prepare:
1. Mix together Ricotta, starch, sugar and egg white until well combined.
2. Preheat the oven to 200 C.
3. Put your Ricottamix in a pan and heat up until it turns to a thick creme while stirring from time to time. Then remove from the oven and let cool down a little bit.
4. Put the flour in a bowl and add the berries. By moving the bowl cover all the berries with some flour.
5. Put one of the strudel leafs on a wet tea towel and Put all over the melted butter with a cooking brush. Then dust all over with 3 Tbsp. Sugar and 2 Tbsp. fine breadcrumbs.
6. Cover with  the second strudel Leaf and then put the Ricotta - Mix on the lower part
7. Disperse the berries over the Ricotta. Fold about 3 cm of both long sides of the strudel leafs toward the middle and then start folding the Strudel by taking the edges of the wet towel and starting from the smaller side of the Strudel (where  you have positioned your Ricotta - Fruit - Mixture) . The Result should be a sort of a Roll... = a Strudel ;). 
8. With the tea towel transfer the Strudel to a baking tray covered with some parchment paper and brush all over the Strudel with some melted butter.
9. Put in the preheated oven and bake for about 25 minutes.
Let cool down for some minutes, dust with icing sugar, cut in pieces and .... yummie!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Egg in a hole

My daughter loves New York.... Hmmm, is anybody not lovin NY? So for her birthday She got a cookbook from Marc Grossmann with recipes from his hometown NY. Really great book! There are a lot of recipes I wanna try.... One of those was the recipe for "egg in a hole". Simple and easy to make but so yummie!

You need (per person):

1 Egg
1 slice of toast bread
Some olive oil and salt and pepper to season
1 round cookie cutter

How to prepare:
1. Cut out with the cookie cutter a hole in the middle of your toast bread and put the bread on a plate.

2. Break the egg in two halves and pour the egg white over your bread. Reserve the egg yolk. Let the bread soak well with the egg white. Turn to both sides so that both sides are well soaked with the white.

3. In a pan heat up some olive oil and put the bread in the pan. Pour the yolk in the hole of the bread. After about 1 minute turn the bread to the other side and wait until crispy and brown.

Season with some salt and pepper to your convenience and .....mmmmmmhhhhhh.....yummie.... Can I get a further one.... ��

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Burrata with roasted vegetables

During Summer to find some light dishes apart from Salads is not so easy... Ok one may grill or eat Pasta, fruits and icecream to get in the right summermood... But during Summer also all the vegetables are ripe and smelling and available in abondance... So find here a recipe that combines the taste from ripe vegetables with some italian taste.
You need (for 2):

250 g tomatoes
1 Zucchini 
1tbsp. icing sugar 
1 tbsp. normal sugar
2 garlic gloves, cut in small cubes
Some good olive oil
Different Herbs as thyme, rosemary, basil (I used dryed one as they are ready to use... But feel free to use fresh one)
Salt and pepper
1 Burrata

To prepare:
1. Roughly cut tomatoes and Zucchini 
2. Mix the vegetables with sugar, a good lug of olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper
3. Disperse the icing sugar on a oven tray and put the vegetables on this tray
4. Roast the vegetables for about 2 hours in the to 110 C preheated oven 
5. Put the Burrata out of the fridge at least half an Hour before the vegetables are finished

6. Let cool down the vegetables for about 15 minutes so that are still warm but norm more hot. Put them in a deep plate and Place for each Person half of the Burrata on Thor of the vegetables. To finish sprinkle with a little bit of oilve oil.
Oh by the way when you open the oven you will smell an mouthwatering Odour....... So it might be quite hard to wait some minutes before eating ;)

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